CavityShield Oral Care Preventive Program,
Membership for Children and Teenagers

Oral disease inclusive of tooth pain, crack, infection and cavity have long been existed in the history of human being. The World Health Organization within the United Nation consider the Aids, Tumor, Heart Problems and overall oral disease, are equally threatening to human life. Nevertheless, oral disease are in fact controllable and preventable.

Many well developed countries are conducting effective oral hygiene program to prevent oral disease and, in particular, the periodontitis and cavity. As such, the degree of various oral diseases were kept under controlled.

As reported, there are 97% of Chinese are having different degree of oral disease and tooth problems. At the same time, it was estimated that there are 2.5 billions number of decay rotten teeth and one tenth of a billion number of teeth suffering from periodontitis, or caries needed to be treated. As revealed by Professor Zhang Zhen-kang, President of the Institution of Oral Disease of China, “ one can easily understand, this a rather serious situation which have to be caught up in many years to come ”.

Preventive work against oral disease is only in its infantry in China. There are still a great deal of tasks to be carried out in order to draw the enormous population to pay attention to oral hygiene. Due to the fact that the majority of people do not consider oral problem is really a disease in the past, people do not consider missing a few teeth is rather serious. While certain number of people were slowly recognizing the fact of oral disease and decay painful teeth could directly affect one’s health. yet they would go to see the dentist only when there is a serious pain, as habitually they have always neglected in the daily hygiene and preventive measures.

The effective way to prevent periodontitis, caries and cavity is to draw and strengthen the common understanding of the importance of preventive oral care approach to improve public oral hygiene standard, knowing the correct way of brushing, examining, cleaning of teeth every six month, remove bacteria plaque and tartar, adopt preventive measure before the trouble started.

Quoted by OMNII Oral Pharmaceuticals Inc. of the U.S.A., who is the inventor and producer of CavityShield, “Laboratory investigations and in-vivo experimental studies have shown that varnishes supply fluoride more efficiently than other topical agents. Fluoride varnish treatments effectively inhibit demineralization, resulting in highly significant caries reductions.”

(by L. G. Petersson, in “ Fluoride Mouth rinses and Fluoride Varnishes ”, Caries Research 27, Suppl 1 (1993): 35-42 )

The CavityShield using Fluoride Varnish under which we apply for our Oral Care Insurance Program was approved by FDA of the US Government in 1994 and recommended by The American Dental Hygienist Association to us during their visit to Shanghai in November 2001, ShenDa Dental Clinic is now the first to apply and introduce this highly effective product to formulate CavityShield Oral Care Insurance Program under a membership system, especially aimed at children and teenagers throughout Shanghai and other part of China.

It is hope that through the support of the Government Health Department, elementary, secondary schools and universities, all children and teenagers in Shanghai and other parts of China will participate, in order to prevent oral disease, particularly dental caries, cavity and periodontitis, can then be totally prevented and avoided from now on for our second and future generations.