Regular Consultarion & Insured Medical Program
Standard Dental Film, Apical BW
Panorex Film
Occlusal Film
Surface Anesthesia
Infiltrative Anesthesia
Block Anesthesia
FillingAmalgam or Composites
One Surface Cavity
Two Side Cavity
Complex Cavity
Lining of Ca (OH)2
Root Screw ( per tooth )
Screw of Tooth ( per tooth )
Desensitization ( per tooth )
Occlusal Adjustment ( per time )
Fissure Sealant ( per tooth )
Cut Filling
Endodontics, Root Canal Therapy
Anterior Tooth Root Canal therapy ( 1 root )
Premolar Tooth Root Canal therapy ( 2 roots )
Molar Tooth Root Canal therapy ( 3 roots )
Premolar Tooth Mummified Pulp
Molar Tooth Mummified Pulp
Baby Tooth Pulpectomy
New Permanent Tooth Pulpotomy
Cut Root Canal Filling ( Per tooth )
Passing Fistula ( Per tooth )
Baby Tooth
Anterior Tooth ( Simple )
Posterior Tooth ( Simple )
Residual Root or Crown ( Complicated )
Fractured Tooth ( Complicated )
Normal Impacted Tooth ( Complicated )
Oblique Impacted Tooth ( Surgical )
Horizontal Impacted Tooth ( Surgical )
Complicated Surgical, Removal Bone Debris
Alveolar Surgery
Gum Operation
Falp Operation
Alveolar Plasty
Abscess Incision
Surgical Suture    
Mucocel Operation
Apectomy ( Per tooth )
Labial or buccal Frenop Lasty
Lingual Frenop Lasty
Spray Pericoronitis
Tooth Fixation
TMJ Reduction
Hygiene Materials
Dental Cosmetics
(Ni -Cr Alloy) Porcelain-non-p Crown
Film Star Porcelain Crown
Super Star IPS Empress 2
Bleaching Whiting
Metal Crown
A 52%Gold Alloy Crown
B Co- Cr Alloy Crown
MK- 1 Attachment (German)
Full Denture
Acrylic Base, Bayer Tooth
Full Mouth
Half Mouse
Ti Alloy Base, Bayer Tooth
Full Mouth
Half Mouse
Co - Cr Alloy Base, Bayer Tooth
Full Mouth
Half Mouse
3M Temporary Crown
Super Bonding
VOCO Cement
Gingivitis or PeriodontitisTreatment
Scaling  Cleaning
Full Mouth
Half Mouse
Per Tooth
Disposable Tips
Jet Cleaning Air Polishing
Spray Periodontal Pocket
Sub periodontal Packet Scaling
Periodontal Pack ( Per Time )
PERIO for Periodontitis
Dental Hygiene Program
CavityShield Oral Care Program
Fluoride Varnishes x 4 times / First Year
Fissure Sealant ( Per tooth )
Periodontal Examination