Following suit the practice of citizens in Europe and North America continents, while living standard and quality of life are rising in China, selecting the family dentist is becoming more popular. More attention is also giving to seek remedy to keep the high percentage or oral diseases under control. This article is the answer as to how to select your family dentist.

1. Qualification & Background of Dentist
Consideration should be given to the educational background of the dentist. The more knowledgeable dentists in China are those graduated from one of the four famous universities; such as The Beijing Medical University, Shanghai Second Medical University, Huaxi University of Sichuan Province and, The Fourth Military University etc.

2. Practical Experience & Skillfulness
The qualified graduated dentists should equip with a minimum of five years practical work experience, such as to be able to treat overall oral diseases, filling, scaling, extraction; as well as providing crowning and denture services.

3. Medical Behavior
Consideration should also be given to those who conduct themselves in good service manner, well behave, serious in their practice, and with skillful experience.

4. Service Attitude
Some of the more important ingredients that will always be appreciated by patients are friendly service always with a smile, patience, understanding, helpful and, equipped with the good qualifications as described under (3) above.

5. Seniority
Naturally, those who have practiced with longer career background are more knowledgeable, experienced and more skillful. Meanwhile, one may also find young but talented dentist who also provide high standard of service. Therefore, selection of family dentist are dependable on individual’s preference, expectation and requirements.